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One of the most incredible innovations in carpet flooring remains elusive to the average homeowner.

Anso Nylon has simultaneously revolutionized both the ease of cleaning and durability of carpet flooring. So just what is it, exactly?

The Difference With Anso Nylon

Anso Nylon is an innovative fiber used to stitch carpet flooring. It’s available in a variety of patterns and colors, most of which appear identical to traditional carpet fibers (with a few stylish exceptions). Yet despite a similar look and feel, Anso Nylon differs from its classic counterparts in many ways.

Ease of Cleaning

Each fiber is carefully engineered to resist dirt, stains and even pet dander. So, rather than allowing particles or liquids to absorb into the fiber, they simply remain in place, waiting to be vacuumed or wiped away with ease. Even better, it’s also designed to prevent liquids from soaking into the subfloor, an often overlooked problem that can lead to mold development.


Anso Nylon fibers (particularly the Crush Resister line) are designed to retain their softness and resist the wear trails in frequently traveled areas that we love to hate with traditional carpet flooring. In particularly, its designed to avoid the fuzzing and abrasions that plague carpet flooring. It also features SoftBac Platinum, a specialized backing engineered to resist wrinkles.

Soft Texture

Although tough against stains and wear, Anso Nylon is quite soft to the touch. Its comfort is maintained by both the fibers and innovative backing underneath. And as with its durability, the nylon fibers are designed to maintain their softness for years to come.


All carpet selections using Anso Nylon can be recycled. It’s among only a handful of carpet flooring designed with sustainability in mind. In fact, it even earned recognition from Floor Trends Mag as an eco-friendly flooring choice.

Find The Right Option For You!

At Home Floors offers the biggest variety of styles and colors of Anso Nylon carpet in the Clearwater Area. To see the many options available, or for professional advice, be sure to visit our Largo showroom today!







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