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It’s no secret that the unique culture of Florida’s Suncoast includes a look all its own. And, we all know that your home’s flooring sets the foundation for its style. So which flooring option achieves the styles we love and offers the versatility our climate demands? Look no further than porcelain tile & stone.

Porcelain Style

Porcelain tile reflects the natural beauty of stone that has captivated us throughout history. While porcelain is composed of authentic stone, modern selections now incorporate more colors and patterns than possible in nature. In fact, these patterns are often used to reflect the aesthetics of hardwood flooring in areas where wood panels would never last.

Waterproof Design

Porcelain tile used in a bathroom

Tile & stone flooring is a common choice for kitchens and bathrooms because of its resistance to moisture. However, not all tile & stone is waterproof; in fact, lower-end lines of ceramic tile must be cleaned immediately after a spill to avoid absorption.

Porcelain has a significantly lower rate of absorption than ceramic. When paired with waterproof grout, it offers complete protection to the subfloor from moisture.

Naturally Durable

Guildford porcelain tile flooring used in a kitchen

During manufacturing, porcelain stone tiles are fired at extremely high temperatures, making them impervious to damage. This means that it’s much more resistant to dents and better suited for windy days when used outdoors.

Outdoor Installations

Amesbuy Tile & Stone flooring used outdoors

Lavish patios and landscaping are popular in Florida’s Suncoast – but our humid climate and frequent storms can prove challenging for these setups. Fortunately, porcelain tile is up for the challenge. As we’ve discussed, it’s both waterproof and exceedingly durable. Many lines of porcelain tile are rated for outdoor use, even in extreme climates. So that dream backyard getaway can finally become a reality.

Learn More

If you’re ready to make an informed choice, see Florida’s premier flooring experts with a visit to At Home Floors today!