Fall is here, and we know what that means for Largo: nothing! Yes, the nights are a little cooler, but we don’t have to worry about the extreme temperature changes that test the flooring of homes in other states. However, there are still a few concerns unique to our humid location in Florida’s gulf coast, including some that we’ve noticed many homeowners often overlook.

Concerns about flooring in Florida, particularly the gulf coast, stem from high humidity, sand and our love for water sports. Fortunately, there are several features designed to improve the durability of modern flooring. These vary across styles and options, so it’s important to know what to look for. We’ll take a quick look at a few of the more important features here.


Twist Tonal Carpet with Anso Nylon

We’ve previously discussed the benefits of carpet for indoor air quality, but there are a few specific features and engineering processes that make carpet more resilient and durable, starting right from its construction.

There are a variety of carpet construction (which you can read more about in our Learn About Carpet section), but texture cut pile remains the most popular choice. This is for good reason: it’s typically easier to clean, more resistant to crushing in high traffic areas and offers a luxurious appeal.

As for the fibers, no other material beats nylon. It consistently outperforms other popular fibers in terms of durability, stain resistance, moisture resistance and crushing. But while nylon may be the at the top, that doesn’t mean that the best can’t get better. As we’ve covered before, Anso Nylon is an enhanced form of nylon carpet developed by Shaw Floors. It improves nylon fibers in all aspects, ranging from durability to comfort. You’ll find it on such selections as Lion Heart and Maximum Tonal.

To bridge the gap between moisture-resistant and waterproof, Lifeguard Waterproof Backing is setting a new industry standard. It’s designed to keep spills sitting above the carpet’s surface rather than soaking through to the subfloor below. Ease of cleaning, reduced mold and great structural integrity and the short and long-term results.


Benchmark Scraped Hickory Hardwood Room Scene

Hardwood flooring is often considered easier to care for than carpet – right up until it’s scuffed or dented. Indeed, hardwood is more prone to damage from sliding chairs and heavy drops, and its resistance to spills really isn’t all that different from carpet (at least, not with traditional hardwood selections).

Fortunately, some modern features have improved hardwood’s resistance to damage. One of the most notable is the Luster-Lock Ultra Finish. This technology offers unparalleled protection against scratches – frequently offering six times the protection of otherwise comparable hardwood flooring. It’s so effective, in fact, that hardwood panels implementing Luster-Lock Ultra Finish often come with well above-average warranties.

An aluminum oxide finish will also enhance the durability of hardwood. But even more, it also offers additional moisture resistance. This is a great feature as many species of untreated hardwood flooring can absorb moisture over time, eventually leading to damage and costly repairs.

A few top selections of our hardwood flooring include Handcarved Hickory and Pledge of Allegiance.


Loudon Heights laminate flooring room scene

Laminate flooring is often selected as a more affordable alternative to natural flooring selections, such as wood or stone. And with newer features like REPEL Water Resist Technology, a variety of laminate selections now match the water resistance of many stone flooring options (and often exceed that of hardwood). Unlike many other hard surface options, in most cases, minor surface scuffs on laminate can now be removed with ease using an approved hard surface cleaner.

You’ll find it on popular selections like Loudon Heights and Waterrock Knob.

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