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The traditional solid colors of carpet set it as the foundation for a room’s style. While serving as a convenient accent, this also means that carpet hasn’t historically contributed much more to the home’s style. This limitation has helped hard surface gain much of its recent traction, especially with the many styles it offers. However, a new trend is beginning to change this perception of carpet. Here are a few new styles that merit a second look at carpet flooring.


Patterned carpet under a coffee table

Patterns aren’t new with carpet flooring, but recent trends have led to a greater selection of styles. According to Floor Covering Weekly, “The depth, color and style of pattern carpet styles allow each consumer to create a remarkable room”┬á Some are subtle and tend to follow the yard strands. Others are more noticeable and incorporate geometric shapes. Modern selections also incorporate more popular shapes, including and especially those inspired by nature. Take a quick look at our Pattern Destination for examples of each.


Dazzle textured carpet in a living room

Textures are possibly the biggest carpet trend right now. Yes, patterns look great, but there’s something to be said of the experience when you can actually feel them. According to HGTV, “today’s versions have more texture and pattern. Variation in height and sculptured effects offer a bolder look.” The level of texture can vary, but even a bold texture is more likely to compliment a room’s overall style than distract from it. Take a look at our Dazzle line and see for yourself.

Carpet Color

Stylish green carpet in a living room

With patterns and textures gaining appeal, it’s no surprise that more color options are now available with carpet. In fact, we’re beginning to see all three elements slowly propel carpet into a space that has traditionally been reserved for rugs. This is especially evident in our Downtown Diva line, where varied colors and textured patterns are making a small, yet bold, step forward for carpet. Nontraditional carpet colors (including certain shades of blue and green) are becoming more common, and carpet lines themselves are now available in a wider selection of colors. To see some of our most unique uses of color, visit our COLOR Destination section.

See For Yourself!

Pictures of the latest carpet styles can only go so far. To experience Largo’s most stylish carpet options first-hand, stop by the At Home Floors showroom today! You’ll also find Largo’s premiere flooring experts ready to help you make an informed choice.