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Throughout its history, carpet has taken a certain stigma. Which is too bad, as modern innovations in soft surface have revolutionized carpet flooring – and turned many of carpet’s most heinous shortcomings into myths. It is now more durable, stain resistant and even waterproof than ever before.

Carpet and Allergies

Myth: Carpet Flooring is Worse for Allergies and Asthma.

Fact: When cleaned properly, carpet flooring can actually help improve your home’s air quality. As dirt, dust and allergens settle, they become trapped under the carpet’s fibers. When cleaned regularly (at least once per week), these particles before removed before they can build up and reenter the air. Just be sure to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

Carpet Spills and Mold

Myth: If Spills Soak Through, They’ll Cause Mold

Fact: This is probably history’s biggest blight to carpet flooring. And for good reason; conventional carpet selections did allow fluids to soak through, eventually providing an environment for mold growth. However, modern technologies used in carpet (within both the fibers and subflooring) actually repel moisture, leaving it sitting above the surface rather than allowing it to soak in – even if it isn’t cleaned right away.

Carpet Crushing

Myth: Carpet will lose its texture over time, especially in high-traffic areas.

Fact: Modern technologies such as Anso® CrushResister are used to engineer carpet that’s not only resistant to crushing, but sometimes even impervious to it.

Carpet and the Environment

Myth: Carpet is not environmentally friendly.

As society continues to focus on environmental sustainability, the flooring industry has taken notice. Many carpet lines are now mostly recycled material and fully recyclable themselves.

Sound Crazy? Let us Prove it!

Some of these myths have been around for so long, it can be hard to believe that they are finally over. So, give us a chance to prove it: stop by At Home Floors Largo showroom today! Browse the many lines of innovative carpet, including many selections that back their claims with lifetime warranties!




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