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Traditionally, carpet has been known to trap allergens in the home, stain from a simple spill and allow moisture to soak through to the subfloor. This hardly sounds like the ideal flooring choice for Largo’s heat, humidity, rain and watersports – especially with the coming seasonal change.
However, this view of carpet is a little outdated. In fact, not only has modern carpet become one of the easiest flooring choices to clean, it’s more resilient than ever, often rivaling many hard surface selections. Here, we’ll take a quick look at why carpet flooring has become a great choice for the active Largo family.

Waterproof Carpet

There was a time when a spill was one of the worst things that could happen to carpet. Trying to soak the moisture away meant immediately stopping everything else and focusing solely on it. While annoying, putting it off could easily result in stains. Also, spills often soaked through to the cushion or even subfloor, where it could contribute to mold growth. Then, there is the moisture that could be left from leaks, tracked rain and pet accidents. Ultimately, it was a little counter-intuitive to choose flooring so susceptible to moisture.

As we’ve previously covered, many modern carpet selections feature a completely waterproof design. One of the reasons that traditional carpet is so difficult to dry is because spills will soak into the carpet fibers themselves. Many modern fibers, particularly on some nylon and Anso Nylon selections, are designed to repel moisture, preventing this absorption. Cleaning takes much less time, especially since stains are also repelled.

As for your subfloor, the waterproof LifeGuard™ backing is designed to keep spills sitting above the carpet’s surface. This prevents them from soaking through to the subfloor, where they can promote mold and mildew growth. And since the spills aren’t soaking through the fibers or backing, they are easier to clean away than ever possible with traditional carpet.

Easier to Clean

But what if that spill didn’t come from water? What if it happened to be fruit juice? This is another benefit of modern carpet: it repels not only moisture, but also stains. This even includes certain types of dye in some cases, such as carpet that has been treated with SpillStop® or R2X. So cleaning is simply a matter of wiping away spills and particles rather than attempting to remove them from the fibers. This is especially useful when vacuuming sand, which can sometimes seem impossible to remove.

Tip: to prevent allergens, sand and dirt from reentering your home’s air, use a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

Resilient Fibers

Not only are modern carpet fibers more resilient to moisture and stains, they’re also better designed to resist damage and crushing. Even in high traffic areas, fibers won’t fray or lose their shape. Additionally, resilient carpet fibers are designed to resist fading. Even after years of abuse, carpet lines such as Front of House will offer just as much beauty and vibrancy as the day it was purchased. So if you often come home too exhausted to clean after a day on the nearby beaches and waterways, one of our Performance Destination selections may prove the perfect choice for you.

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With spring less than a month away, you won’t find a better time to change your home’s flooring. If you’re ready to make an informed choice, ask Largo’s premier flooring specialists with a visit to At Home Floors today!